Nov 22, 2012

tears :(

DiKaRaNg oLeH Zati JaM Malaysia 5:06 AM

memory that will always be remembered

fyp 2012

iart & mechatronic

hopefully our friendship will last forever
eventhough some of them i never say hello
maybe never smile too
but it's does not mean i'm arrogant or whatever
i'm just too shy
there is an intention to say hello
tapi mulut ni ibarat ade emas
berat sgt nak tegur
siyes sometimes rase down with myself
kadang kadang malu tak bertempat
what a bad habit right?
i will try to solve that problem
one fine day

lepas ni maybe da susah nak jumpe dieorg sume
or maybe xkan jumpe langsung
hopefully still lagi we can contact each other
terutamanya budak budak iart
mecha too
jumpe time konvo plak

p/s:facebook boleh jadi medium perantaraan kite semua kan...:)

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